Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump, two hostages of CIA, Raul Castro and his Miami’s Castro Mob

By | December 4, 2019

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From hero to renegade. Benhamin Netanyahu has collapsed. Now his his rhythm is not the beat of the heroes. Now Benhamin Netanyahu play chicken dance with Iran, Russia, China and North Korea.
President Donald Trump, and Prime Minister Benhamin Netanyahu, have surrender to Iran and North Korea, to China, Russia and Raul Castro. Israel and United State are in danger.
After a long, and anguishing personal battle, surrounded and persecuted without mercy by Intel mob of psychopaths, with the threat of charging and prosecuting them criminaly, both Donald Trump and Benhamin Netanyahu have collapsed, terrified by the fear of beign sent to jail, and both have rushed to enter in secret deal with Intel, to avoid prison.
The surrender of Benhamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump to Intel, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, and Raul Castro, is dramatic and very serious, because the world is on the verge of destruction
The executive power is run in the United States by the Intel Nazi Generals, linked to the murder of president John F Kennedy, and the demolition of the World Trade Center, in conspiracy with Al Qaeda, during the self terrorist attack of September 11
Since the murder of Kennedy by CIA and Operation 40, Intel Nazi Generals run the U.S. government, particularly in foreign policy.
Operation 40 was presided over by Vice President Richard Nixon and included Admiral Arleigh Burke, Livingston Merchant of the State Department, National Security Adviser Gordon Gray, Allen Dulles, CIA director and Tracy Barnes, operating officer of the Cuban Task Force.
Although CIA and Operation 40 planned and executed the Kennedy assassination, Kennedy’s murder was not the personal decision of any of these people. The decision to kill President John F Kennedy was made by the ruling elite of Deep State, the invisible government, who conspires in the shadow for a long time, and whose common characteristic is that they are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House.
Kennedy’s murder was a coup d’État.
Since the killing of president John Kennedy, the government of United States is run in the shadows by Intel Nazi Generals, and the ruling elite of Council on Foreign Relations, conspiring against the Western ,and its democratic values ​​and system, and backing secretly, Iran , North Korea, Russia, China, Turkey, Hamas, and the totalitarian regimes of Latin America: Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.
In Florida, Donald Trump fell into the trap of the fake Cuban exiles hardliners, a handful of traitors, who hiden behind their masks and fake public declarations, have been working for Castro brothers since 1959. Raul Castro and his agents from Miami are powerful because they are linked to the murder of president John Kennedy and the self terrorist attack of September 11.
CIA, Raul Castro, and his double agents from Miami, have had the ability to confuse Cuban exile in Florida, who believe that these traitors are legitimate anti Castro fighters and heroes, when in fact it is quite the opposite, they are collaborators of Castro, informants and sneaks, who keep a million of Cuban as hostages of Raul Castro, and their mission is to persecute, jail and murder all those who oppose the Castro brothers.
The first of these traitors is Felix Rodriguez, the man credited with the capture and murder of guerrilla commander Hernesto Sha Guevara.
The true drama of the Cuban exiles working for CIA, is that CIA supports Fidel Castro since 1948, when CIA recruited Fidel Castro for the murder of the Colombian popular leader Horhe Elee Zer Gay Tan, during the Bogotazo.
Since CIA recruited and backs Fidel Castro, it is impossible to be a CIA agent and a real anti-Castro fighter. Many CIA agents who have made the mistake of opposing Fidel Castro, have paid for it with their lives.
All Cuban CIA agents have experienced a period of confusion. At some point, Felix Rodriguez was aware of the ssupport of CIA for Castro Brothers, but he continued to be faithful to CIA. Later, he has been openly cooperating with Castro Brothers, fully aware of it.

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