Corea del Norte realiza un ensayo “de enorme importancia” en Sohae

Corea del Norte ha asegurado que ha llevado a cabo un ensayo “de enorme importancia” en la Estación de Lanzamiento de Cohetes de Sohae en el noroeste del país, posiblemente el del motor de un cohete, cuyo resultado cambiará “la posición estratégica” del país.

Siege DocuMovie Trailer

The Clear and Present Dangers Pushing America to the Brink of a Marxist-Islamic Revolution, Civil War, World War III, & Globalism

Trump NRA Speech, 2019

President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the 2019 National Rifle Association annual meeting

USA Roadtrip 2019 San Francisco – Denver Teil 2

Hier der zweite Teil unserer USA Roadtrip Reise an der Westküste. Wir sind immer noch in San Francisco. Mit dem Hop on Hop off Bus sind wir bis zur Golden Gate Bridge gefahren und zu Fuß wieder über die Brücke zurück gegangen. Was ein geiler Tag. Es ging mit dem Uber Taxi back to the Airport. Dort haben… Read More »

President Donald J. Trump – Baghdadi Is Dead Speech and Footage includes Degrading I.S.I.S. w/ Hanoi Hannah

President Donald J. Trump – Baghdadi Is Dead Speech and Footage includes Degrading I.S.I.S. w/ Hanoi Hannah

Immigration Problem in the US

This video is for my final video project for JOUR175. It takes a look at the immigration problems in the US and how Donald Trump is suppressing them. This video is an advocating for these immigrants and calls for action to be taken by citizens to help protect their rights as humans.

USA: Impeachment-Verfahren gegen Trump eingeleitet

Freitag, 06. Dezember 2019 – “In Amerika steht niemand über dem Gesetz”, so die Mehrheitsführerin im Repräsentantenhaus” – Washington – Die Hast, mit der Nancy Pelosi am Donnerstag ans Werk ging, überraschte dann doch: Die Chefin des US-Repräsentantenhauses hat in einer kurzfristig anberaumten Rede offiziell den Start des Impeachment-Verfahrens gegen US-Präsident Donald Trump in der Ukraine-Affäre angekündigt. Der… Read More »

“What’s Wrong With Republicans?”

GUEST: Rebecca Gordon, writes for Tom Dispatch and has a new piece called “What’s Wrong With the Republicans, Fruits of the Twin Roots of Evil: Slavery and Imperial Expansion.” She is on the faculty of the University of San Francisco’s Philosophy Department. Her most recent book is American Nuremberg: The U.S. Officials Who Should Stand Trial for Post-9/11… Read More »

The Rabbit Hole: Impeachment and the Art of War

We see the impeachment inquiry played out and wonder how, and why either side appears to be doing everything wrong. Can this be put down to we ourselves not knowing the machinations taking place? Or are these politicians actually operating on a field that we can’t even see? Have they been taking instruction from one of history’s greatest… Read More »

Full E-book Audience of One: Television, Donald Trump, and the Fracturing of America For Free has entertained America, television has ensorcelled America, and with the election of Donald J. Trump, television has conquered America. In Audience of One, New York Times chief television critic James Poniewozik traces the history of TV and mass media from the Reagan era to today, explaining how a volcanic, camera-hogging antihero merged with America?s most powerful medium… Read More »