AOC publicizes that she’ll ‘be vote casting for Joe Biden’

By | April 23, 2020

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Is AOC eligible to be president or vice president in 2020 or 2024?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY., has emerged as a rising revolutionary chief within the course of her first duration of time as a congresswoman. On legend of of her popularity, she’s been touted as a doable candidate for president or vice president. That is when Ocasio-Cortez will be eligible for those elevated offices.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – the revolutionary firebrand from New York Metropolis – is definitively backing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s White House remark.

“In November, I’m going to be vote casting for Joe Biden. That’s what I’m going to be doing,” the freshman congresswoman acknowledged Wednesday night in an look with the Bronx-primarily based entirely rapper and actor Elephantine Joe.


“I’ve been pronouncing this full time that we’ve bought to give a boost to the Democratic nominee,” Ocasio-Cortez explained. “That is the time I’m pronouncing it declarative treasure this.”

The congresswoman joined Elephantine Joe – whose valid determine is Joseph Antonio Cartagena – on his Instagram livestream.

Ocasio-Cortez – the absolute most lifelike-profile of the four freshman feminine revolutionary representatives most now and again called ‘The Squad’ – was a high supporter and surrogate for populist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. The Vermont lawmaker – who was Biden’s final remaining rival for the Democratic presidential nomination – dropped out of the flee and counseled the primitive vice president earlier this month.

Since then, Biden’s been reaching out as he tries to blueprint conclude over the revolutionary unpleasant of the safe together.


Last week, in an interview on “The Watch,” Ocasio-Cortez acknowledged that “I indulge in it’s in actuality crucial that we rally within the support of our Democratic nominee in November.”

Sooner than apparently warming a diminutive the final couple of weeks to Biden’s White House, Ocasio-Cortez was a vocal critic of a couple of of Biden’s proposals.

Last 365 days, she referred to as Biden’s climate change idea “a dealbreaker.”

“There is no ‘center ground’ w/ climate denial & prolong,” the congresswoman tweeted.

Early this month, Ocasio-Cortez was skeptical of Biden’s announcement that he desires to decrease the Medicare eligibility age to 60, which was seen as an olive department to progressives as he works to unify the Democratic Celebration.

But the congresswoman acknowledged that Biden hadn’t long past a ways adequate, including that “dropping Medicare to 60 is now not going to relieve millennials, is now not going to relieve this voters that Biden is combating.”