Agriculture Secretary Perdue: In spite of coronavirus, The US’s food supply is safe, stable and abundant

By | April 4, 2020

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While the coronavirus pandemic continues, I will squawk the American folks that our food supply is solid and safe. We accumulate sizable patriots working all the blueprint thru this country who continue to toughen our food supply chain.

From the manufacturing of instruments, feed and fertilizer; to the farmer who puts the seed within the ground; to the packers, processors and truckers who declare that food to the market; to the grocers getting that food to patrons, The US’s food supply is safe and stable.

The bare store cupboards you search in some cities all the blueprint thru our country are a requirement declare, no longer a supply declare. There is ample food within the United States to feed our electorate.


We had been blessed with about a of the finest farmers on the earth and that has made us a food exporter. If folks would buy food like they in general attain, as a replace of hoarding or scare searching for out, we would all be better off.

Customers wish to be searching for out exclusively what is serious, so their neighbors and fellow People can additionally salvage what they need.

The provision of food in this country is huge.

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There are over 800 commercial and public warehouses within the continental 48 states that store frozen merchandise. Here’s a snapshot of the food we had in storage on the pause of February: over 302 million pounds of frozen butter; 1.36 billion pounds of frozen cheese; 925 million pounds of frozen rooster; over 1 billion pounds of frozen fruit; almost 2.04 billion pounds of frozen greens; 491 million pounds of frozen pork; and almost 662 million pounds of frozen pork.

These numbers don’t even encompass the huge fresh food supply chain that’s presently distributing thousands and thousands of pounds of food on each day basis from the farm to grocery store cupboards. The backside line is we have ample food to feed ourselves at some stage within the coronavirus nationwide emergency.

There are over 6,500 food safety group of workers on the front traces working in 175,642 commercial facilities all the blueprint thru the country and inspecting almost 164 million head of livestock and 9.83 billion poultry carcasses. They are conducting 7.1 million food safety and food defense procedures to test that systems at all federally inspected facilities continue to withhold food safety requirements. Our food is safe, and we have our inspectors guaranteeing that remains the case.

If folks would buy food like they in general attain, as a replace of hoarding or scare searching for out, we would all be better off.

Our farmers are doing what needs to be performed, putting seed within the ground and engaging final yr’s harvest to market. They are working this day so it is likely you’ll also accumulate food for the following day.

The US’s farmers and ranchers are on the job at some stage in this pandemic, but so are their workers. These flowers won’t salvage planted and they won’t salvage picked if we are able to’t salvage them out of the field.


Agriculture is dependent on a hardworking farm labor pressure – those working in our fields, packing houses, processing facilities, and dairies. This entails almost 200,000 momentary agricultural international group of workers right here below the H-2A visa program.

There might perhaps be a accurate farm labor scarcity in The US and these group of workers make a contribution to maintaining us fed and maintaining our nationwide safety thru food safety. The Narrate Department has instituted original procedures that accumulate allowed us to continue to process H-2A group of workers and has streamlined the utility process to produce clear we have this serious group of workers at some stage in this nationwide emergency.

These group of workers are serious to increasing clear the endured strength and safety of our food supply chain.

I do know we can salvage thru the coronavirus pandemic because I of path accumulate sizable belief and faith within the hardworking People all the blueprint thru this country who embody everything that’s stunning and lawful about our nation.


Other folks which shall be attending to the sick and the struggling in hospitals and clinics, those tending the fields and bringing food to the oldsters that need it, and the of us who’re following the steering of the White Home Coronavirus Job Power by staying at dwelling to stay the unfold of the virus are all doing their allotment.

Thank you fascinated by doing for it is likely you’ll also be doing. Your dedication, perseverance and carrier to our nation and your neighbors is what’s going to search us thru this pandemic.