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Hi my name is Helena Bauer. I live in my apartment in Columbia, South Carolina and am loving it here. I’m a businesswoman involved in marketing and like to express myself wherever I can, and I find this blog is an outlet for that.

I like to experience new things in life and explore different countries, food, people and anything else that might instil new life and drama in to my life.

I was born in Cashiers, a tiny town in North Carolina and grew up there. I moved to this town in Southern Carolina for business reasons and had stayed here ever since.

After years of debating about it I made a decision to start a blog. Since then, I haven’t looked back. The content I write about have been inspiring for a number of people and have motivated others to make life decisions and even change aspects of their life.

This blog is all about business, marketing, managing your finance and stuff about the house. Typical lifestyle things basically as well as everyday things in life and about making a difference. So if you want to discover how you can save money on your holidays or how you might do something amazing on your computer, I will try to write about those things.

I started my blog as a hobby initially but hope you will bloom into something bigger than that. My focus is to study topics that readers want to read about. And the purpose of my site is to inspire and educate people. So please check it out and I hope you get a lot out of it.

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