A Night Of Spoken Word & Open Mic At The LanceScurv Cafe # 2

By | October 20, 2019

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It was so good that we HAD to do it again!

It’s going to be a night of verbal expression from the soul as several talented spoken word artists will be present to share their gifts with the world!

This is also an open call to those who want to speak out to the universe what they are feeling from the depths of their heart! Tonight at the “LanceScurv Cafe” our words will not be censored now will the silky smooth gifts from the artists be limited to any certain number of pieces! Time permitting, we will exhaust ourselves pleasurably for the three hours that we have to share!

Most lines will be open so that we can duplicate that intimate “club atmosphere” and also to hear the feedback when our audience gasps at the slick lyrics being put down as well as the sexy styles are being displayed!

So come one come all to a night where the adults gather in a classy, safe environment where we will bring back the good old days when fun was clean, alluring, seductive and very much for the GROWN FOLKS!

Just like good sex, this could be the start of something regular if we put it down good long and hard the first time!

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