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9 DIY Original Gifts for Christmas


What is worse than not knowing what to give for Christmas? So that you have time to prepare on time, we’d like to share with you nine ideas that you can do yourself. But before sharing those DIY gift ideas, let us tell you that from PreciousRay you can get a cute kids everyday journal, which will be the perfect Christmas gift for a mother if you don’t want to do it yourself. But you can also find a ton of other great gifts there.

Ok, let’s talk about the DIY gift ideas.

  1. Candy jar

A sweet, fun, easy and inexpensive gift! You will only need a glass jar of the size you prefer and fill it with all those candies or chocolates that the person for whom the gift is going to be will love. Do you want it to be even better? Personalize the boat and turn it into a Christmas decoration. You will love it!

  1. Scrapbook

The fashion of scrapbooking is still very present. To do it yourself you only need a notebook or album, photos, cutouts and a lot of imagination! Make an album with everything you’ve spent this year with the person you’re going to give it to or with moments from your entire life, or how about one with memories of every Christmas? An ideal gift for your partner or for your friends with whom they will always remember you.

  1. Personalized keychains

Do you want them to take you everywhere? Make an original keychain and make that person always have you in mind. You can do it with Christmas motifs or with something that person likes. How about making yourself another? So, it will be like an exchange of gifts.

  1. Christmas jars

Very colorful and easy to do! You will only need a glass jar and a Christmas motif to include inside. Stick that figurine on the lid of the jar with strong glue and fill the jar to the brim with distilled water. Add some glitter and glycerin, close the lid firmly and shake, and you’ll have your very own Christmas jar!

  1. Cards

Cards are always a personalized and special gift. Make it yourself with ideas that inspire you and send it to the recipient by mail to keep that essence of the past alive. I am sure you will love it!

  1. Gifts with a date

How about a gift with an opening date? That is, wrap it up and put it on a label when it has to be opened (at Three Kings, at Christmas, etc.). Make several and that person will have a gift every special Christmas day. She is sure to wake up excited each day to open her gift!

  1. Cookies!

What better Christmas gift than some homemade cookies? Make Christmas shapes and decorate them to your liking. Put them in an ornate jar and you will have your delicious gift ready.

  1. DIY box

Are you a handyman? Make a painting yourself. You only need a box with the depth of the color you prefer and the motifs that you are going to paste inside. If they are for Christmas, that person will have something that will remind you in the rest of Christmas and, if they are more generic, they can have it the rest of the year. It’s up to you!

  1. Photo album

The most common option but no less charming for that. Buy an album of those of a lifetime and print those photos that you want to always remain in your memory. Nothing like printed photos to take out the album every Christmas with the whole family together and remember past times.

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