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7 Creative Design Ideas for Wooden Headboards

Did you know that bold and creative wooden custom made headboards are becoming more popular than ever? In fact, if you want to give your bedroom project a personal and original touch, surely the easiest and most effective way is to create a beautiful headboard design.

There are so many options for decorating the headboard wall and at the same time so affordable… The key is to choose an original decoration idea that can define the entire room by itself, and for this, we have compiled seven creative wooden headboard design ideas for you.

  1. Color Block Wood Headboard

An easy and refined way to decorate a bedroom could be to choose an accent color to paint the headwall. To make it much more modern and minimalist, remember to paint the wooden headboard with the same color – or perhaps also the nightstands, inspired by color block decoration.

  1. Wooden headboard with vertical slats

If you are looking for a minimalist way to decorate a bedroom, a headboard with vertical slats may be the perfect solution. You could opt for natural wood slats, or also paint or lacquer them; then use the top as a shelf for small items and reading lamps.

  1. Wooden headboard with an original shape

From circular to rectangular, going through the most creative shapes. A plain, unfinished plywood paneled wall, painted an off-center iceberg-deep teal, will create not only an unexpected shape but also a graphic punch that provides an instant focal point in the room.

  1. Wall-to-wall wooden headboard

One of the most popular ways to decorate bedrooms today is to cover the headboard from top to bottom. The entire wall converts to a wooden headboard with built-in shelving, creating a space-saving solution and feature wall all in one.

  1. Wooden headboard with painted doors

A small bedroom can appear larger by using tall wooden doors as a headboard with a note of vintage charm. Deep blue or green colors will update the look of your doors creating a relaxing feel.

  1. Wooden headboard with old windows

A room layered with natural colors and textures, with a beautiful handmade headboard made from old reclaimed wooden windows can create a timeless, homey feel.

  1. Creative DIY Wooden Headboard Ideas

Finally, one of our favorite proposals to decorate the headwall is to create a beautiful composition of raw wooden slats, recovered, from pallets, etc. The easiest (and cheapest) DIY solution to decorating a bedroom without even having to buy a headboard. Just build it yourself, or maybe give it a lick of paint.

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