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5 Essential Morning Habits That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity

Motivation is often the key to success for entrepreneurs.

Researchers at Nottingham found that mornings are the best time to practice self-control, willpower, and task performance. Business owners who are able maximize this crucial moment can start their day on the right note.

These five morning habits will help you increase your productivity.

1. Make a list of tasks that you need to complete the next day

Get up the night before to start your day. This will help you create a sense of purpose, and anticipate potential problems. Your day will be more organized and efficient if you have a plan. Scott Cullather is the CEO of inVNT. This New York-based live events agency organizes a meeting before business closes to discuss the day’s agenda. Cullather states that they “review and forecast the next day’s content and how we will get there.” This allows us to re-prioritize. It allows us to sleep better. While you sleep, your mind does a lot for you. Your next day is much easier and more productive.

Athletics is another example, with game plans and training schedules being the norm. Terrence Mahon, Team Running USA coach, says that athletes can feel more confident when they are under pressure by preparing and executing a plan. Business leaders can do the same.

2. Morning attention is a good habit to adopt

To keep their focus throughout the day, entrepreneurs should meditate or do exercise. Tim Ferriss practices meditation before his workday. Meditation is about “practice concentration when you don’t care so that you can concentrate later when it matters.” Derek Jeter, a former MLB player who is now the Miami Marlins’ owner, includes hour-long morning meditations in his daily routine.

3. Focus on the nutrients in the morning

A healthy breakfast fuels your day. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has a healthy breakfast that includes muesli and fruit juice to kick start his day. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO and co-founder, has two hard-boiled eggs every morning with soy sauce. Professional athletes have very strict nutrition routines that are often considered superstitious. Novak Djokovic, a professional tennis player, follows a detailed routine that starts with a large glass of room temperature water and ends in muesli.

4. The essence of positivity

You can imagine success and you will be successful. Katie Ledecky, Olympic gold medalist and writer, writes that you should “think of another thing.” Ledecky’s advice will help you radiate happiness and reduce anxiety.

5. Track the results and review the objectives

While most entrepreneurs are goal-oriented, many fail to track their progress and write down their goals. The secret to success as an entrepreneur is setting specific, measurable and achievable goals that are realistic, timely, and easily achieved.

Business success is possible by implementing these five key morning habits consistently.

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