A town in Massachusetts decided to stop arresting drug users. 2 months later, here’s how it’s going.


Share This: Back in June 2015, Gloucester, Massachusetts, police chief Leonard Campanello announced that his officers would no longer arrest drug users who approached them seeking help. Photo by nathanmac87/Flickr. Instead, the department announced they would refer the drug users to treatment, and front the cost. Gloucester has been struggling […]

For Two Weeks, The Beaches Of South Jersey Looked Tropical

Share This: So who’s noticed the tropically-turquoise waters off of South Jersey over the last 10 days? Quite unusual, right? pic.twitter.com/gi92oNj1Bj — Dan Skeldon (@ACPressSkeldon) July 12, 2016 By Cara Giaimo, originally published on Atlas Obscura. Joe Bongiovanni, beach safety director for New Jersey’s Asbury Park, is used to surveying […]

Republican Convention Cleveland

Share This: Independent and Republican. If you’re reading this most likely you already realize Lieberman a former Democrat who won his chair running on an independent ticket has actually given his endorsement to a Republican. Lieberman was quoted as stating that McCain has actually “the most effective opportunity of uniting […]